Who is here? Anybody?

I found this link via the interweb, and it seems that NOBODY is even replying or showing up.
I would think that the class clown, ..er, President, Mark Amode would at least show up and post!
Where are the people?
How are the teachers?
Mr. Blinn, Mrs. Belecki, the little football coach that taught US History…? (I hated him anyway :)
C’mon! Last reunion I was at (20th?), I won an award for most distant traveler, even though one cat showed up from Alaska!

Two fellow students I knew closely are deceased, Rick Favia, and Jim Sorlien. I miss them.
And don’t EVEN get me started about Tony French who is still in prison for murder, but has HIS picture in the yearbook, and mine isn’t!


  1. Lillian says:

    Okay, I give. Who is “Panhead?”

    • Kevin Haddock says:

      Lil: Panhead is Ken Frenchu, who was in our class, but not in the 1976 yearbook. Ken is not to be confused with Tony French, who was also in our class.

  2. Kevin Haddock says:

    Oh, the never-ending chores! I certainly understand that comment!

    • Panhead says:

      I found a new chore to do, now that my lovely bride found a lawn tractor for sale on Craigslist.
      Then she found a weed whacker. :/

      Me thinks I am going to terminate her online account, before she finds a hack license, and I have to start driving people around!

  3. Sue Cavallero says:

    Its only been 35 years……. YEAH! Looking forward to our Reunion July 23rd 2011. Panhead… are you going to be here?

    • Panhead says:

      Hi Sue,
      Nah, as much as I would like too, it’s just not feasable to take off for a week, what with the house, and chores, and wife, and chores, and etc.. which all need my love and time.
      Oh, and the chores.
      Flying out from NJ is just plain irritating nowadays.
      Have fun though.

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