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Carson City High School Senator Circa 1976

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Attack of the Dominator-35th. July 2011

Attack!  Ack!  Ack!

Dom Charges The Cameraman at the 35th. Reunion

July 23rd, 2011-The 35th. Rages On in C.C!

I don’t know about you, but I am hoping that Morey Tresnit is still serving those MONDO burritos at Mo & Sluggos! I had one a couple of years ago when I was in Cartoon City for some business, and it was HUGE! The air conditioning in his place was excellent too. My friend Lori was on one of her dance binges that night (about 1994 or 1995 after I moved back to the area).

Looking forward to some good conversation tomorrow at the 35th. Just some side notes: Sue C’s cell phone is 775-691-8072, and mine is 775-997-9135. Not sure of other’s phone numbers, but if for some chance you get lost in the mighty metropolis of Carson City, give us a call, and we will send up a flare!

Will Mark Show Up for the 35th?

What Does O Mighty Mark Have on His Mind?

35th Reunion- July 23rd 2011

Time keeps zipping by… We have the Date and place set, now for the details.  So Set Aside Saturday July 23rd 2011 for a Reunion at the Old Globe.  We will have the time and other minor details in a few days.  Just plan on being there, don’t worry about sending in forms, or payments.  This will be a simple gathering, we will have food available (details to follow).  Stay in touch, we will be sending out Emails and phone calls.  Thank you Sue  Call me with any questions

(775) 691-8072

Where is everybody?

Must be a new thing, this, or nobody in Carson has that Interweb thingy yet.

Who is here? Anybody?

I found this link via the interweb, and it seems that NOBODY is even replying or showing up.
I would think that the class clown,, President, Mark Amode would at least show up and post!
Where are the people?
How are the teachers?
Mr. Blinn, Mrs. Belecki, the little football coach that taught US History…? (I hated him anyway :)
C’mon! Last reunion I was at (20th?), I won an award for most distant traveler, even though one cat showed up from Alaska!

Two fellow students I knew closely are deceased, Rick Favia, and Jim Sorlien. I miss them.
And don’t EVEN get me started about Tony French who is still in prison for murder, but has HIS picture in the yearbook, and mine isn’t!


Hello all, Welcome to our new website, Thank you Kevin Haddock for bringing our bi-centennial class into our new age.  Please log in, say hi, give us your current email address, and info.  Also please let us know what you’d like our 35th Reunion to be.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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